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July 18th, 2021

*SpringbokWines 2021 TIL*

That’s A Wrap! 

*TIGERS* 🐯 were too strong, during this SpringbokWines 2021TIL campaign, too consistent to be challenged, perfectly led by the duo of legends Kirsty & Shaun. TIGERS is back-to-back, undefeated 2021 TIL Champion 🏆 👏👏👏😄

*RAIDERS* ⚔️ takes a well deserved 2nd place, with the 🔥 attack.

Shaun 🐯 is our Top Scorer with 7TDs.

2021TIL have been the theatre of great innovations:

* The atmosphere during and post-game was absolutely fantastic.

* Duration 2 x 25mins has proven to be extremely demanding.

* Pro-Photographer, Pro-Referees, and Videos, available on YouTube are the secrets ingredients of our successful and popular TIL.

2021TIL returns in September 2021, with a new 4-Weeks format, including a Grand Final. Bring It On. 💥 

TIL organising committee would like to thank our sponsors SpringbokWines, for its support, and numerous 🎁 and all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly on this #GameChanger.

TIL, our own fun, our own rules.

55 Players have been involved in the 2021 TIL.

*TD Top Scorer*

_After Rnd6_

1. Shaun🐅 *(7)* 🏆

2. KaShing⚔️ Keith🦅 Tom🦅 *(6)*

3. Candace ⚔️ *(5)*

4. JaneC ⚔️ DanM⚔️ Kats Brett🐅 Tammi🐅 Etta🐅 AndrewC🐅*(4)*

5. Scotty *(3)*

6. Scotty DanC YJ Hamish Kirk Matteo Fids Isaac Blake Charles *(2)*

7. Laurent Nicolas ChiPing Storm TK Cat Ash Rita WingYi Hannah Sofie Elderi ShekHim Fion AndrewF JamesE  *(1)*

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