T8 Touch Football Club Hong Kong Touch.P


Mars 29th, 2021

Springbok Wines T8TFC Intramural Touch League (TIL) will start on April 9th, and promises to be awesome with a a lot of innovations: 

1) Duration: 2 x 25mins

2) Points system: Bonus point introduced

3) Drop Off: If tie, drop off protocol introduced.

Format (1): 

3 T8 Intramural Franchises 🐅🦅⚔️ 

Format (2): 

The Champion will be the team with most point

Point System: 

  • 3 points for W.

  • 1 point for L. 

  • No Draw. If tie, extra time, starting at 4vs4 for 2mins, if still tie, after extra time, then drop off 1 player each to 3vs3.

Bonus Point: 

  • +1, if team score 10TDs or more;

  • +1, if team loses by 2TDs difference or less.

Duration: 2 x 25mins, full time referee.